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Fukuoka YMCA

Fukuoka YMCA

School Summary

 YMCA(Young Men’s Christian Association) is an international social group networking in 123 different countries and areas around the worlds. There are YMCAs in 34 major cities across Japan, contributing to the development of many young people as a public social education group. Fukuoka YMCA’s Japanese education was started in 1982 as a way for foreigners living in Japan to learn Japanese for practical use and to understand various cultures. Since then, it has become a time-tested Japanese school where many students from different countries. Fukuoka YMCA is based on the idea that everyone from around the world can learn to mutually understand each other and together can contribute to educating people with the goal of realizing a peaceful society.  Also, our courses provide a high level of education and study environment in response to your needs or purpose for students who wish to study Japanese for entering a university, for practical use in daily life or for use in the workplace.


Fukuoka YMCA’s Educational History

Feb. 1947 Foundation of Fukuoka YMCA            
(First Principal of Fukuoka YMCA is Mr. BUNROKU ARAKAWA)
Apr. 1981 Approved for permission to become a Non-Profit Corporation by the city of Fukuoka
Apr. 1982 Japanese classes began
Dec. 1982 1st Sponsored debate contest involving foreigners living in Kyushu is held           
(Was in effect until 2002)
Apr. 1986 Fukuoka YMCA International College was founded
Apr. 1989 Full time Japanese schooling is begun. Fukuoka YMCA Japanese Language Courses is founded (college student visas became possible to acquire)
Apr. 1990 Acknowledged by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education
Oct. 2008 Fukuoka YMCA International College, Japanese Language Department is established (College student visa)
Apr. 2009 Fukuoka YMCA Japanese Language Courses changes its name to Fukuoka YMCA Japanese Language School
Apr. 2020 Fukuoka YMCA International College changes its name to Fukuoka YMCA Gakuin


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