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For those students who do not have a student visa 《General Japanese Course》

※Please refer to each page for procedures to enter school for other courses.

For those students who have a valid visa or are planning on obtaining a visa.

Application Period

Semester Spring Semester Autumn Semester
School Starts April October
Application Receiving Period Middle of February ~ End of March Middle of August ~ End of September

※We will stop accepting applications if the number of applicants reaches the capacity.
※If there is space in a class that fits your level of ability, you may enter school after the school year has started.

School Entry Procedures

Entrance Consultation & Fill Out Application Please inquire first. Download Application ↓ Send in Application Send the application for admission, photo (4cm x 3cm, 3 copies) and copy of your passport or alien registration card.↓ Take the Level Check Test Written test and interview.  
※If applying from overseas, there is a phone interview, then a written test after coming to Japan. ↓ School Entrance Decision Check the level and class for availability, then a decision will be made to accept or deny your application. ↓ Pay Tuition Pay entrance fee and tuition by bank transfer at the designated bank.. ↓ Enter School

※Before deciding to join the school, it is possible to observe a school first (Free of charge).   
※After finishing the registration process, applicants will be issued a permit to enter the school.



Time Period Entrance Fee Tuition Facility, Teaching Materials Fee Total
1 Semester
(6 months)
80,000 yen 315,000 yen 37,000 yen 432,000 yen
3 Month Short Term 30,000 yen 160,000 yen 20,000 yen 210,000 yen


You may pay in cash at the reception desk, or you can wire transfer money to YMCA’s bank account.   
※If you wire transfer money, please use the applicant’s name as the sender.   
※You are responsible for all wire transfer fees.

Tenjin School: General Japanese Course
Bank Name
 西日本シティ銀行 荒江支店
 The Nishi-Nippon City Bank, LTD.  Arae Branch
Bank Address
 2-11-3 Arae, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka, Japan
Account No.
 普通口座 1583788
 Ordinary Deposit  1583788
Account Name
 公益財団法人福岡YMCA 理事長 齊藤皓彦
 Fukuoka YMCA,  Akihiko Saito
Swift Code  NISIJPJT
Nanakuma School:Advanced Schooling Japanese Course
Bank Name
 福岡銀行 荒江支店
 The Bank Of Fukuoka, LTD. Arae Branch.
Bank Address
 2-9-5 Arae, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka, Japan
Account No.
 普通口座 1508107
 Ordinary Deposit 1508107
Account Name
 学校法人福岡YMCA学園 理事長 齊藤皓彦
 Fukuoka YMCA Gakuin,  Akihiko Saito
Swift Code  FKBKJPJT
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