Fukuoka YMCA Japanese Language School[Tenjin] Fukuoka YMCA Gakuin[Nanakuma]

Since 1982, for over 30 years Fukuoka YMCA has been teaching Japanese to foreign residents.
Many students are learning Japanese to advance in education or business and play an active role in their home country or Japa
Tenjin (+81)92-781-7410 Nanakuma (+81)92-831-1771


General Japanese Course

For those who want to study Japanese for daily life or business

  • 3 months~2 years
  • Student visa is possible

See here for details


For those who wish to go to a Japanese universities or graduate school

  • 1.5 years/2 years course
  • Student visa is possible

See here for details

Seasonal Course

Courses open seasonally

  • Summer Course
  • Part-time Course

See here for details

Private Lesson

For those who want to study at their own pace

  • On an as-needed basis

See here for details

Company・Organization Training

We design short term/long term Japanese training

  • The time period and cost will be considered

See here for details

Currently accepting student visa applications for the Advanced Schooling Course and the General Japanese course for the April 2023 semester.






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