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Private Lesson

This class is recommended for those whose schedule doesn’t fit the full time courses, or those who want to study at their own pace. We can fit the lesson time and content to fit your schedule and study preferences.


Entrance Fee

10,800 yen (Tax Included)

Lesson Fee

1 Lesson 50 Minutes (Tax Included)

  Monday~Friday Saturday
Private (1 Person) 5,940 yen per person 7,128 yen per person
Semi-Private (2-3 People) 3,780 yen per person 4,536 yen per person
Group (4-8 People) 2,700 yen per person 3,240 yen per person

※A teacher can also be sent to your location. In this case, the lesson fee increases and travel expenses are an extra charge.
※Please note that there is no refund if you cancel a lesson after 17:00 the previous day (In the case of a Monday lesson, 17:00 Friday the previous week).

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